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Age detection

Introduction Age estimation has become relevant to an increasing amount of applications, particularly since the rise of social platforms and social media. It has various applications, ranging from customer relations to biometrics and entertainment. Since every  person ages differently, real age may not be easy to  be predicted from the face images. Image 1: Age and gender detection … Continued

Facial recognition

I. Overview of Facial recognition Facial Recognition Technology is a robust technology which has ability to detect and recognize a person whose face image stored in the database.This technology has been researched for a long time but the used technology had several limits including low accuracy and low speed of prediction. However, in this era … Continued

Feature extraction for classification problems

Feature extraction Image features are primitive features or distinguishing attributes that are prominent in an image. These features may be natural (in the sense that humans can be felt directly from a photograph) or artificially (in the sense of being created by human beings through the process of calculation, manipulation works on photo objects). Feature extraction … Continued

Chatbot, Intent and Entity

Chatbot, Intents & Entities I. What is chatbot Chatbot is an application try to simulate the conversation or “chatter” of a human being via text or voice interactions. A user can ask a chatbot a question or make a command, and the chatbot responds or performs the requested action. The applications of chatbot: virtual assistant … Continued

Technical Report : Pest Detection on Trap using Deep convolutional neural networks

IntroductionIn such production industries as agriculture, food and beverages, and confectionery, detection and elimination of pests is one of most important concerns with the purpose of increasing food security, improving quality of products and reducing the cost of production [1]. Without the application of computer vision, especially artificial intelligence, a great deal of human manual … Continued

Sentiment Analysis

SENTIMENT ANALYSIS Sentiment analysis is one of the most important fields of Natural language processing (NLP). While Artificial intelligence (in general) and NLP (in particular) become more and more popular in the past ten years, sentiment analysis still be approached as many different terms, such as: Opinion mining, polarity detection, opinion extraction, sentiment mining, subjectivity … Continued